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Welcome to the Australian Virtual Airline Group

Welcome to Australia's complete airline package, all in one hangar-the Australian Virtual Airline Group!

We are a small,friendly and very active group of flyers and look forward to you joining us in the air and on our forums! 

As per our flight manual, we have initiated two important policy changes:

We are not affiliated with Vatsim,although you are free to use it ....and the minimum age to join Ausvag is 18.  

From sign up, you'll  start your career as a cadet, flying the regional airlines propliners from REX, Qantas Link, Sharp and Air North before working your way up the ranking ladder through to the domestic jets on your way to the ultimate-a senior captain flying the mighty Airbus A380s, Boeing 747s and 777s around the world!

Most importantly, you can take on the challenge at your own pace..and have plenty of fun doing it!

For the pilots who remember the "good old days", we've got the cream of the crop to fly to your hearts content....Viscounts,Friendships,Electras, DC9s,727s...and the magnificent Constellation...all flown from and to the original destinations!

With our regularly updated and maintained list of  Australian and Overseas routes , you'll never be stuck for a destination to fly- come and join our small and passionate group flying Australia's best carriers in one hangar                         


                                                                                POTM: February: AAG015-Peter Collier   

Tarmac Kissers: AAG946 (10)   AAG295 (3)   AAG15 (10)   AAG951 (10)   AAG462 (5)   AAG929   AAG895 (6)  AAG910 (5)   AAG91 (2)  AAG947 (2)                                                      AAG955 (2)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           



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